26 July 2013

A year of yoghurt in Via Roma

More than a year has passed since the inauguration of the shop.


The yoghurt ice cream has won the battle. The Yogurtlandia in Via Roma, a popular venue where you can enjoy an excellent yoghurt ice cream, served perhaps with a bit of fresh fruit, has placed its stakes on a type of ice cream which is still little known but is gaining a following in Italy and all over Europe.


More than a year has passed since the inauguration of the shop in Via Roma and the success has been so great that Yo.ga, the company based in Musile di Piave which specialises in the production and marketing of yoghurt ice cream (it has 104 Yogurtlandia shops in Italy and about thirty abroad), has it in mind to create a second flagship store in the capital city of Padua, probably in the area of Il Santo.


"Women, who are our greatest fans," said Alessandro Galante, the director of Yo.ga, "love yoghurt ice cream not only because it tastes so good but also because it contains far fewer calories than traditional ice cream. A few days ago we opened another store in the Veneto region, at the Casino of Ca Noghera, and we will soon be launching some shops-within-shops in collaboration with a major coffee company. We are also expanding rapidly abroad. Today we are focusing a lot on the German-speaking market but we are receiving requests from all over Europe, and even the Arab states."

REFERENCE http://www.padovaoggi.it