28 July 2013

A Yogurtlandia also at the Cà Noghera Casino

While Yogurtlandia has expanded abroad, Yo.ga continues to assist it on the Italian market. The specialist in the production of yoghurt ice cream, based in Musile di Piave, has now scored another success with the inauguration of several more shops in the south of Italy (it now has 104 sales points). A few days ago a "Yogurtlandia", as the outlets are called, made a great impression outside the Casino in Venice, where people could get together before or after playing the slot machines or at roulette. It was one venue of many (it seems that Yo.ga is going to set up another flagship store at Marco Polo airport) confirming public interest in yoghurt ice cream, which is undoubtedly very digestible and, above all, far less calorific than traditional ice cream. Yo.ga is also in negotiations with a major coffee manufacturer to sell the yoghurt ice cream at its stores; and one of these is due to open soon in Mestre. In addition to over 100 flagship stores in Italy, Yo.ga has 30 stores around Europe: in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Germany, and soon also in other countries.

REFERENCE http://www.veneziatoday.it