22 April 2013

Yo.Ga develops yoghurt ice cream in Europe

Summer is coming and Yo.ga, the company based in Musile di Piave which specialises in yoghurt ice cream and has a retail chain and franchise with more than one hundred stores around Italy,  is expanding outside the country, focusing on cities and areas not only with a large catchment area but also with a great influx of tourists. Over the past few days, the Venetian company has breathed life into new flagship stores in Barcelona, ​​Athens, Rhodes, and a second one in Nice. In the coming weeks, there will also be other inaugurations in Spain, France, Greece and Croatia, as well as in Portugal, Germany and Austria.


"Yoghurt ice cream," said Alessandro Galante, the director of Yo.ga, "is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to its great taste it has the advantage of being less calorific than traditional ice cream and goes well with fresh fruit. It can often be treated as a small meal in itself, as proven by the number of people that visit our ice cream shops in their lunch breaks. After having focused heavily on Italy, we are now also paying special attention to the foreign market.  In the coming weeks we will be setting up other franchises. The applications are many and we are considering these all with care." In Italy, other "Yogurtlandia" flagship stores will be inaugurated beginning in Taranto and Canicatti, as will also various shops-in-shops, the concept of which could prove a real winner. A shop-within-shop will be inaugurated any day now at a Dersut store in Mestre. For Yo.ga it will be a new way of approaching the public.

REFERENCE http://www.veneziatoday.it